Wide Open: Conner Habib & Alex Riddick

  • Dark-haired Conner Habib wraps his arm around Alex Riddick, the two instantly locking lips. Conner works up the bulge in Alex’s jeans, the hot cock popping out in his face. Spit drips down as Conner gets it rock hard—the shaft throbbing up when released from his mouth. Alex looks down as he gets worshipped, his mouth wide with pleasure. He returns the favor, sucking the smiling Conner’s boner. He then inches up, Conner whipping his dick on Alex’s chest as they kiss. Alex bends over and Conner dives his scruffy chin inside: “Pull your ass open for me!” Conner’s cock throbs as he munches, the cutie sliding it inside as Alex grips the table for support. Conner’s big sac is captured in a hot low shot, the top going balls deep and staying there as he grinds. Alex sits on Conner, the bottom’s cock and balls grazing the top’s stomach. On his back, Alex’s pecs bounce as he gets it hard—the two then watching in wonder as Conner shoots a massive load into the air.
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