Steven, Mike and Auntie Bob

  • After getting teased in the last video, it only seems fitting we should get to watch these 3 play from beginning to end, and 2 days latter that's exactly what happens. Steven grabs Mike's crotch and gives him a deep kiss. In no time, they are undoing each other's pants and Steven goes down on Mike. After they strip naked, Mike sits on Steven's chest and face fucks him. The two kiss and suck dick for quite awhile, before Steven bends Mike over to finger and rim his tight hole. On the floor they eventually move into some 69 fun. Auntie Bob joins in and finger fucks Mike. Back on the sofa, Steven tries to sit on Mike's cock, but they can't get the right angle. So, Mike kicks back on the floor and Steven gives him a hand job. When he blows his load it lands about 4 feet away. Steven lies down next to Mike and they make out while Steven strokes his cock and blows. Auntie Bob missed that shot...amateur!
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