Jerry Stearns Barebacks Cole Hudson

  • There is this kid, Cole Hudson that Ive been fooling around with quite a bit on the weekends. Of coarse I hit him up to do something for me in front of the camera, he told me that he was absolutely, 100% down to do that. Due to screwy schedules and what not, we never managed to set anything up. Until now. Cole Hudson is the most adorable 22 year old kid with an ass that you could bury your face in for days. Hes never been in front of the camera, well, not a camera to where thousands of people will be watching. So, for this cherry poppin slut-o-rama, I pushed him straight into the deep end by inviting the most mammoth pleasure packin, hung far lo swingin, gut bustin, hole wreckin Top man Jerry Stearns. And, not that I had any doubts, the boy took it like a champ and looked sizzlin hot at the same time. Jerry, as usual, fucked like the sex-god he is. I was very jealous. For this scene I got to go back to my older position. Crouched down with a camera in my hands. Its been almost a year since I shot a fuck scene and oh how I missed it. I can honestly and modestly say that I am very happy and proud of my camera work for this scene. Filming along side me was my partner in pornocracies, Nick Moretti doing B cam and stills. Im not going to tell you much about the scene itself, if I do I wont stop. I will tell you that its got all the usual stuff packed into two HOT Sexy bags of flesh, muscle and bone.
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