Damon Dogg Fucked Bare

  • My friend, whos never fucked in front of a camera, came by my house on Halloween day to be my trick with a big treat for my hole. Yep, you guessed it, a weeks worth of stored up semen! My other buddy was hanging out as well and was interested in poppin his porn cherry as well as a videographer. So, I should call this scene Damon Dogg Poppin Porn Cherries, or the Trick with a Sweet ass Treat. Anyhow, he came by, we hung out for a bit and then got down to business with me on my knees sucking his cock which took no time at all to grow to a nice n hard halloween doggie snack. Then, when my ass couldnt take the suspense any longer I leapt up onto my bed, ass in the air and had him stick it with his big prick. He likes to fuck hard and deep, which is a favorite style for me as well. It didnt take long before he was spurting deep in my ass, which is where I begged him to come as I was looking back at him over my shoulder. Believe me, I will definitely be inviting him back over for more on camera fun in the near future. The camera work was decent, giving that it was my buddies first time filming. I plan to sit down and give him some pointers and lessons cause he does have a good eye for filming sex. Just needs a few tips on the camera work. All in all I think this scene is very sexy and am very happy that this is how I got to spend my Halloween.
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